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Blissful massages happen here at Palm and Sole Massage.  We guarantee that the services of your choice will be satisfying and leaving you feeling darn near perfect.  We do offer a wide array of services such as a  relaxng  Swedish, deep tissue, pregancy,  hot stones and Ashiatsu! 
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Certified Massage Therapist
Since i began training for Massage Therapy in 2009  I have been entirely devoted to the health and wellness of every single client that I have had the pleasure to work with.  Being trained in Deep Tissue and Myofacial release has helped me tremendously widening my skills to work with different people with different issues.  To futher my training I took an interest in  Ashiatsu massage which is the deepest most luxious massage on the face of the planet!  There hasn't been one who hasnt appreciated this massage yet! 
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Massage not only relieves stress and support relaxation but reduces tension, stiffness, muscle spasms, blood pressure, while increasing blood flow, and moving lymph fluid.  It also  promotes faster healing of sprained ligaments, increase athletic performances, provides greater flexibility and range of motion.  Massage does help musculoskeletal and improves problems such as scoliosis and posture related issues